What is MisBits?

Get your head in the game because we are about to have you rollin’ on the floor! MisBits drops you onto a sandbox stage where the rules are…there are no rules. A fun, frenetic and witty multiplayer action-adventure game for warriors, builders, thinkers, explorers and creators alike – essentially players of all ages and types.

An extraordinarily absurd world with a bottomless chest filled with props, bodies and costumes, giving you limitless possibilities to create a showground where boundaries are only determined by your imagination. Explore. Build. Share. Compete and Battle it out. Or if you’re not ready – we’ll guarantee it’s fun to just watch, too.

A band of zany characters, thousands of collectible and customizable head and body combos, a multitude of ridiculously challenging game modes, and a toolbox that will have you droolin’. Whether you're 8, 18, or 48, MisBits is about to transport you into the biggest, the best and the most fantastical adventure. Wait? Is ‘fantastical’ even a word?!

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