What is Toybox?

Toybox is your own play pen! Here, you can build whatever you want, however you want! With complete creative freedom to use the vast tools in Toybox, you can show the world your ingenious creativity. You never know, your Toybox creation could be the next big thing!

Toybox also allows you to change up any existing Arcade map. That’s right! Any of the Arcade maps that you’ve seen so far can be revised any way you like it. Want to add a lethal spin on Juju’s Castle? Try adding a toy-eating whale to the course! Don’t like using bodies? Set the rules so you can only use toy heads.

For even more help (or laughs), build with friends. You can invite up to 7 other people to join you in building the ultimate design. That means up to 8 people can build together in Toybox mode!

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