Body Challenges Known Issues

Here is a list of known issues regarding Body Challenges:

  • Improviser: Currently not tracking body kills with melee weapons
  • Cluckalaka Theft: The Golden Cluckalaka doesn’t currently progress this challenge
  • T-R.E.X. Style Challenge #2: Doesn’t update when scoring kick brawl goals
  • Cluckalaka and Arachnoid 2nd Style Quest: Currently unable to complete this quest as both bodies cannot spawn in the same map
  • Fake Daily Challenges: Placeholder Daily Challenge Quests will appear in the main menu if the player has completed the Welcome to Misbits and T-R.E.X. Attack challenges.
  • Frizzly Bear Specialist: the Push 10 players out of the world doesn’t register ability kills.
  • Daily Quest: The completion rewards for the Daily Quest will show as collectible, even after the player has accepted it
  • Brotos Style Challenge #3: Brotos currently can’t progress and can't progress past the 2nd style challenge.

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